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Dischargers of artificial Rain
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Dischargers of artificial Rain  Company profile  

Our company established in 1975, with main worry and purpose, the feasibility study and construction of irrigation water- cannons for technical rain. All these years knowing the consequences and the strictly requirements for the irrigation for each cultivation, our company has created a completed gamut of water- cannons, proper for more productive result and together the right and normal operation.

Based on our experience, training, and the modern industrial equipment, the big demand of our products was unforced consequence, so that today has created an integrated representative network all over country.

Today the interesting of our company focused in international trading relations and markets and in modern irrigation requirements in order to managed to cover the gaps in quality irrigation sector.

13, Christou Pipsou Str.
54627, Thessaloniki - Greece
Tel.: +30 2310 513021, 554672 Fax: +30 2310 554391

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